China Suntien Forecasts Accelerate by Nearly 50% Year on Year

The company has been working hard since the Covid outbreak to ensure it stays on track to meet all future deadlines

China Suntien Green Energy expects the listed company’s net profit attributable to shareholders to grow 35.7%-46.9% year-on-year in 2021 to 2.05-2.22 billion yuan (324.2-351.1 million US dollars), according to a recent filing.

The company has been working hard since the Covid outbreak to ensure it stays on track to meet all future deadlines and ensure shareholders reap the rewards.

Excluding one-time gains and losses, net income is expected to grow 37.7% to 49.3% year-on-year to 2.02 billion yuan to 2.19 billion yuan.

The utility attributed the projected earnings improvement to higher sales volumes and average gas prices, as well as more wind resources and grid-tied power.

China Suntien is on track to meet natural gas demand as the need for renewable energy sources becomes more important. The Company expects to outperform the broader market and be well positioned as a leader in Asia in sales of natural gas and wind power generation.

About China Suntien Green Energy Corp:

China Suntien Green Energy Corp Ltd is a company principally engaged in the sale of natural gas and wind energy. The Company operates three segments. The Natural Gas segment is engaged in the sale of natural gas and natural gas equipment to town gas companies and industrial customers. This segment’s businesses also include natural gas pipeline construction and natural gas pipeline connection services. The Wind Power and Solar Energy segment includes the development, management and operation of wind turbines and solar power plants and sells electricity to grid operators. The other segments are engaged in the rental of real estate and equipment.

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